The Java Sketch Applet

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The JavaSketch applet lets you sketch objects. Ordinary paint programs allow you to create drawings made of dissociated lines. In JavaSketch, lines that meet at a corner are truly connected; dragging a corner drags all the lines meeting at that corner.

At the left is a "live" sample of the JavaSketch applet; try dragging around corners of the cube by pressing the right mouse button near a corner and dragging the pointer around.

Below is a full instance of the JavaSketch applet:

Press, drag, and release the left mouse button to create lines.

Press, drag, and release the right mouse button (Cmd-mouse on Mac OS X) to drag corners and line ends around.
Click Ctrl-LMB (Control/left mouse button) near a line to select it. Click the "Delete" button to delete the selected lines. Click the "Deselect All" button to deselect all selected items.
The "Redraw" button redraws whatever is currently on the screen.
The "Clear" button wipes the slate clean, removing the current drawing.
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