[Bonsai Image] Demo Java Applets

See my new Javascript implementations of some of these Java applets here. Updated for 2016!

I began creating some of my earliest applets in 1996 to help learn the Java language and to verify that I could correctly deploy applets on a web site and have them accessible from browsers on the web. Then I wrote more applets, just for fun !

Many of these applets were originally developed on the Macintosh using either Metroworks CodeWarrior or the Roaster IDE from Natural Intelligence (I found Roaster to be one of the best environments for developing Java, but, alas, it died a premature death and is no longer being marketed). Other applets were developed using Visual Cafe on Windows NT.

Groovy Applet Demo Applet in Groovy
An applet written using the Groovy programming language (an "agile dynamic language for the Java Platform").
Life (Cellular Automata) Cellular Automata ("Life")
An implementation of John Conway's classic game.
Fractal Mountains Applet Fractal Mountains
Generation of fractal mountains in Java.
Bouncing Balls Applet Bouncing Balls
A demonstration of multiple threads of execution in Java.
Object Oriented Sketcher Object Oriented Sketcher
An interactive, "object-oriented" sketching application.
Pixel Ruler PixRuler
Don't you sometimes wish that you could just stick a ruler up to the screen and measure the size of something ? (well, maybe this is only of interest to GUI developers)
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